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Mark: Honey, we're out of lemons. Oh, wait. We have a lemon tree.

Recently we ripped all our music, first as FLAC files, then converting them to mp3s. Mark is traveling for business today, so he asked me about the iPod Nano I've been neglecting because I couldn't figure out how to drop music onto it. Anyway, he figured it out, then asked me how to adjust the volume. I showed him how you could just spin the wheel on your song.

Mark: I finally GET iPods!

(Man, do you know how long it took me to convince him to upgrade to Firefox 3?)

We noticed that we had a bunch of artichokes that were ready to be picked and eaten. So Mark snipped off two artichokes to cook for dinner last night. He left them on the counter, where I discovered that ants were still on them. I yelled for him to come over (because I am a total baby about insects), and we started rinsing them, where we discovered that not only were there ants, there were also a lot of earwigs and a spider. We rinsed with vinegar and water, only to find more ants, more earwigs. It was enough that it actually started grossing Mark out, and he does not gross out easily. He kept asking me, "Honey, are you sure you still want an organic garden? Maybe we should get some insecticide."

We eventually steamed and grilled the artichokes to death. They were delicious, and Mark waited for me to finish my artichokes before he star
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Mark: I like what you have on today.
Kim: Really? I wasn't sure this combination would work.
Mark: Actually, I like it because it reminds me of something I saw on Star Trek.
Apr. 29th, 2008 04:42 pm

mark jokes

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Yesterday, at Costco, we spotted an outdoor mat. We promptly bought it, because our front door has been empty since we moved. It's a really nice mat.

Later, he says to me, "I'm going to get a mat that says 'Welcome to Ohm'."

I give him a blank stare.

"An ohm is a unit of electrical resistance."
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Conversation 1:
Mark: Hey, I think you can import your bookmarks on Firefox over to Ubuntu. I can help you with that.
Me: No need.
Mark: Why not?
Me: Because I have a account and I just installed the extension so I have all my bookmarks.
Mark: Wow, you know so much more about using Firefox than I do. I just browse.

Conversation 2:
Mark: Hey, M. and I. and his girlfriend are going to see Zoo tomorrow up in the City. Do you want to go?
Me: What's Zoo about?
Mark: Well, uh, do you remember last year there was this story about this guy who died from having sex with a horse?
Me: NO.
Mark: Are you sure? I.'s girlfriend is going, too.
May. 18th, 2007 12:22 pm

sick again

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Ugh, I am so tired of being sick.

I am alternating between reading and sleeping. Here are a few things I've been reading:

LA Weekly - this week's issue is all about those independent bookstores that are so elusive.

Is it the Woman Thing, or is it Katie Couric - This article reminded me recently of a conversation I had with Mark:

Mark: Ugh, Katie Couric. I hate her.
Me: (Questioning look.)
Mark: Well, no I don't really hate her. I'm sure that there are as many male reporters that are just as shallow as her. Maybe it's because she's a woman that I expect her to have higher standards.
Me: are proving the point that a woman has to work twice as hard as a man in order to be taken seriously.
Mark: Dammit!

I don't particularly like Katie Couric, but I do kind of feel sorry for her sometimes.

Village Voice sells East Bay Express to editor, investors.

Back to sleep.
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Ok then.

Mark: Good god woman how many books do you have?

Me: Good lord honey how many jars of pickled foods do you have in your fridge?

There is an entire row in the fridge now devoted to pickled foods - cucumbers, okra, onions, etc.

Me: Why do you have more clothes than me?

Later, me: Oh, it's because you never throw any of them out. All these have holes in them.

Both of us: We have way too much fucking stuff. We're so hiring movers next time.
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Me: Hey, we should try renting Stand and Deliver from the Amazon Unbox thing!
Mark: Yeah, totally. EJO! That's a good movie. Did you ever watch it?
Me: Yeah, like a million times.
Mark: Why? Did they show that to you in the ghetto repeatedly or something?
Me: Yeah, totally.
Mark: ! What?! That's terrible!
Me: Dude, I watched it at least once a year since fourth grade because at least one of my teachers would decide to show it.
Mark: That's awful.
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I still haven't finished that damn Umberto Eco book and I started it in December. Does Foucault's Pendulum have a point? Is Causabon going to save his friend from the Templars? I am so tempted to re-write the book in the present, because then it would cut out two-thirds of the book. "Hey, look at this link on Wikipedia! It explains when the English Templars missed the French ones!"

I keep forgetting to write this, but Mark and I saw Pursuit of Happyness a while back. This is the conversation we had afterwards:

Me: Did you like it?
Mark: Yeah, I thought it was good. What did you think?
Me: I liked it, but if I were in the girlfriend's place, I so would have left him and taken the kid, too.
Mark: Really? I thought she was kind of a bitch.

Then we had a discussion about why Chris Gardner couldn't just get a job at McDonald's or something until he could finish paying off his rent. Don't get me wrong - I really enjoyed the movie, but the setup kind of irked me. Maybe I am old-fashioned. I was also annoyed at the scene where he's bitching at the Asian janitor for not fixing the word "happyness" on the wall, and the janitor just keeps telling him in Cantonese that he doesn't speak English. I kept wanting to scream at the screen - the guy doesn't speak English! Stop talking to him! Talking to him like he's deaf won't make him understand you!  People do it often enough in real life; I don't need a movie reminding me.

I have been really hungry for the past few days, and that's mostly because of the wisdom teeth removal. I am so paranoid right now that I'm going to get something stuck up there and then my mouth will get infected. A co-worker told me a horror story about her wisdom teeth and she is still having trouble even though her wisdom teeth were removed over 8 years ago. I hope I'm keeping my mouth clean enough. I really miss crunchy food. I'm getting really sick of noodles and soup.
Jan. 20th, 2007 03:54 pm


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Hey, wisdom teeth recovery is coming along fine, and fairly fast, too. My left side is still kind of swollen, but I'm icing it. Been wasting a lot of time on the Internet and watching TV. I cannot seem to find the will to finish Foucault's Pendulum. Oh my god is this Umberto Eco book so boring! I'm on page 300-something and I still know nothing about the Plan except that it is stupid. I think I'm going to give it away on Freecycle or something after I'm done with it.

Some conversations with Mark:

Mark: "Hey, I have to get the new season of 24."
Me: "Why?"
Mark: "Because (random actor from Star Trek) is going to be on it. It's going to be awesome."
Me: "Cool."
Mark: "Oh, and Kumar (Kal Penn) is in it, too."
Me: "Really? Awesome."
Mark: "Yeah, but if he's going to play an Arab terrorist I'm going to be pissed. That's the second time they're having an Indian guy play an Arab."

Me: "Hey, you remember how you wanted to see the new season of 24?"
Mark: "Yeah?"
Me: "You're going to be pissed."
Mark: "Why?"
Me: "Well, Kumar plays a Muslim terrorist and then he dies."
Mark: "Great."

We finished Rome. Dude, I love HBO and I don't even get it. The production values on Rome really rock, and it's really interesting to see how they spin the historical events that happened - the relationships between Caesar and Brutus, Caesar and Mark Antony, and everybody underestimating Octavian.

Anyway, some interesting links I found:

Journeywoman - International Guide to Dim Sum - the ones I can vouch for on here - China Village in Belmont is only okay. There was something off about the siu mai and as we were walking out I noticed that some of the seafood was already dead, which is not really a good sign. The Empress Pavilion in Los Angeles is excellent, and nicely priced. Ton Kiang on Geary in San Francisco is also very good, but kind of expensive. East Ocean in Alameda is also good, but still kind of expensive for what you get. There's a nice view of the Bay.

I love Dinosaur Comics. I think I have an odd sense of humor.
Search Amazon for deals.
Metafilter post on an American doctor who genitally mutilated a bunch of women without their consent and actually wrote a book about it. I haven't actually read the posts, but I read the thread, which predictably ended up with a bunch of guys going "Circumcision is genital mutilation too!"

We visited Daiso last week. Eh. The Japanese discount stores in LA are so much better. Plus L.A. has Book Off, where you can get fairly new used books for about $2-3 each. Oh, and American CDs for really cheap, too, if you're willing to dig around a bit.
Oct. 30th, 2006 11:52 am


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We were musing on the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger can't run for president because he's a naturalized citizen.

Me: But that means that we can run!
Mark: True, true.
Me: Who do you think Americans would vote for first? An Arab American male, or a Chinese American female?
Mark: I don't know, it's a tough call. Maybe we should run together! You could be my vice president.
Me: Why do I have to be the vice president?
Mark: Fine, I'll be the vice president.

I amuse easily.
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Mark: Does your mom ever scream at you guys?
Me: No. (Thinking about it.) Yeah, she does have her moods sometimes.
Mark: Yeah, I mean, she speaks Cantonese.
Me: Cantonese isn't an angry language.
Mark: I'll believe it when I hear it.
Me: Well, my family is just unusually angry.
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