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Too sleepy to post anything more than the following:

Optimus Prime v. Bonecrusher

Activate interview with Jenni Gainsborough, Washington director of Penal Reform International

on hip-hop, hoes and bitch-ass-niggas - a post on "Hip-Hop and Homophobia: Exploring Masculinity, Bisexuality and the DL." by blackademic Larry D. Lyons II.

Not a lot of love in the Haight - LA Times article about how hippie homeowners wish those damn kids would get off their lawn even though those hippies probably did the same thing 30 years ago.

WANT: Dim sum cell phone charms! Too cute.

Edited to add: Why is it "hoes"? Shouldn't it be "hos"? Someone confirm the spelling rule on this one.
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My mind keeps blanking out on me when I want to write about anything. So here's a bullet list:

  • Work is better. I am still annoyed by some aspects, but overall I think my performance is finally better and I am no longer freaking out.
  • Whenever I drive to San Francisco, I think it is trying to kill me. God, with the signs that are blocked by giant SUVs, and the nonsensical city planning, how does anyone get around and find things?
  • The Internet is so weird. I cannot get enough of Icanhascheezburger.
  • I cannot figure out how people walk around in heels. I bought some very nice shoes - they're about two and a half inches high, and I wore them out today, and I kept stumbling.
  • I love KCRW, especially their podcasts. (If you live in Los Angeles and listen to them, I think they have decent giveaways, too.) I like to listen to them while I cook; it's really relaxing. The ones I recommend the most are Good Food and The Treatment. Good Food is about, duh, good food. The Treatment interviews various people in Hollywood. I like that they not only interview mainstream people like Quentin Tarantino and Chris Rock, they also cover indie people and documentary makers, like Rory Kennedy who did Ghosts of Abu Ghraib.
Feb. 20th, 2006 05:57 pm

a cute kid

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Today I visited Mark at his workplace for lunch. (Yes, he has to work on President's Day.) While I was waiting for him and his co-workers to come downstairs, a father and his cute baby girl entered the building. The girl, around 2 years old, smiled at me and waved as soon as she saw me. She had a beautiful smile, and when her dad put her down, she ran right over to me, which I don't think her dad was expecting her to do. I picked her up and said, "Hello, sweetie, what's your name?" She didn't answer, but continued to smile at me. Her dad said that her name was May.

I love kids. It just made my day.
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Tarepandas, to be exact.


New San-X characters. Must. Look. Away.
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