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My favorite thing about it is:

On our very first experience with the Urban Iditarod (those aren't pictures of the one we went to; I forgot which year it was) in San Francisco, in which Mark and I failed to keep up with running drunk people in dog costumes, we passed by a bunch of befuddled tourists.

"What is that?"
"I don't know. Maybe it's Cinco de Mayo?"

It was March.

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Mark: Honey, we're out of lemons. Oh, wait. We have a lemon tree.

Recently we ripped all our music, first as FLAC files, then converting them to mp3s. Mark is traveling for business today, so he asked me about the iPod Nano I've been neglecting because I couldn't figure out how to drop music onto it. Anyway, he figured it out, then asked me how to adjust the volume. I showed him how you could just spin the wheel on your song.

Mark: I finally GET iPods!

(Man, do you know how long it took me to convince him to upgrade to Firefox 3?)

We noticed that we had a bunch of artichokes that were ready to be picked and eaten. So Mark snipped off two artichokes to cook for dinner last night. He left them on the counter, where I discovered that ants were still on them. I yelled for him to come over (because I am a total baby about insects), and we started rinsing them, where we discovered that not only were there ants, there were also a lot of earwigs and a spider. We rinsed with vinegar and water, only to find more ants, more earwigs. It was enough that it actually started grossing Mark out, and he does not gross out easily. He kept asking me, "Honey, are you sure you still want an organic garden? Maybe we should get some insecticide."

We eventually steamed and grilled the artichokes to death. They were delicious, and Mark waited for me to finish my artichokes before he star
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All the free t-shirts that Mark has received over the years is taking over space that could be used for my clothes.
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Your results:
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Mar. 7th, 2008 07:59 am

funny women

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Vanity Fair has a feature on funny female comedians, and makes reference to Christopher Hitchens' stupid article on "Why Women Aren't Funny". That one article was pretty much why I stopped buying Vanity Fair. (Via. (Metafilter's consensus from the males is that it's because females talk about, you know, female stuff, and males never talk about just male stuff. They talk about general stuff! Like how they don't understand their girlfriends. That's totally universal!)

Anyway, I was glad to see Chelsea Handler on there. Her show, Chelsea Lately, which is on E! is really funny, especially when she has the little round-table in which they discuss the gossip of the day. It's always populated by people we've never heard of, but are mostly funny. Occasionally you'll get the one person who can't keep up, but that's pretty rare. I kind of wish it was an hour long show. The last show I watched had a segment which involved her playing tennis against her assistant Chuy, and when she serves, she hikes up her skirt and pulls out the tennis ball out of her underwear, which is stuffed! So low-grade, but so hilarious.

They also missed a couple people:

Mindy Kaling, who plays Kelly Kapoor on The Office. I myself can't really watch The Office that much, because it makes me cringe all the time, but I always like watching Kaling deliver her lines. She's also got a blog on things that she buys and is obsessed with.

Samantha Bee took a while to grow on me, as one of the only female correspondents on The Daily Show. But she is seriously made of awesome.

Aisha Tyler is brilliant, and one of the best guest reviewers on Ebert & Roeper. Plus, she loved Infernal Affairs, so that's awesome in and of itself. (She also brews her own beer.) I just wish she'd stop getting cast in sucky movies like Balls of Fury. I think she needs to write the female version of Harold and Kumar. :P
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Vivek Mahbubani is one serious multi-tasker. Among his many careers, he is also a pretty funny comedian in Cantonese. Check out one of his sets (sorry, I am not awake enough to do a translation):

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Especially when the guy's name is Ron Chicken. It's some article about a student newspaper dispute. But I couldn't finish reading the article because sentences kept starting with "Mr. Chicken is..."
Dec. 10th, 2006 11:11 am


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It's customary for people when they go to China, to bring back stuff for family and friends. My parents got a little something for Mark.

Playboy dress socks. With the bunny logo and everything.

In China, my sister had to stop my mom from buying a shirt with the word "sex" on it. She liked it because it was pink, I think.
Sep. 9th, 2006 08:48 pm


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My parents used the dishwasher for the first time tonight. (Before dinner.)

When I asked them why they didn't want to use the dishwasher for the dinner dishes, and telling us to wash them by hand anyway, they said, "The guy who remodeled the kitchen told us to run it every once in a while or it'll break."
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Especially now that Guys Gone Wild exists. Favorite title is "Dude, Where's My Pants?"

Other things bouncing in my head:

You know that annoying guy in Office Space who says "Mmmmkay?" all the time? I met the real-life version of him in a very long meeting this week. He is just as annoying in real life.

Random people's opinions on immigration are really pissing me off. None of them seem to get that any changes in the law will also affect legal immigrants, almost certainly not in a good way.

Superman Returns will be on IMAX.

Mark's parents and grandparents are coming tomorrow. Mark previously thought they were coming last week, so I assisted him in the middle of a cleaning frenzy even though I was pretty sick. The good thing about cleaning last week is that there's not much left to do tonight. (And he is doing most of it.)

For whatever reason, lately, I've been resenting helping out with the cleaning. I think I'm just annoyed because even though I spend a lot of time here, I don't live here, and I (rightly or wrongly) don't feel like it should be my responsibility. Maybe I'm just being bratty.

The more I learn about the healthcare industry the more it depresses me.

I finished Danny, Champion of the World, by Roald Dahl. There are a couple of stories taken straight from his autobiography, Boy, and one chapter about the Big Friendly Giant, which would later turn into its own book. It's fascinating watching how the stories inspire more stories.

I hate PG&E. Stupid privatized utilities. (What, you thought California was liberal?) They have not managed to keep the power on continuously for a straight month. Last week, there was a power outage at my office. This week, Mark's power went out.
Jun. 1st, 2006 12:46 pm


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In Borders, I saw a new English translation of the Tao Te Ching. On the cover, was a blurb from James Frey, stating something along the lines of "This is the best translation of the work that I have ever read."

Apr. 22nd, 2006 11:37 am


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The U.S. accidentally introducing China's president as Taiwan's president was hilarious.

I may or may not have a long rant on China stored up. We'll see.

This was the conversation between me and Mark last night:

Mark: Note to self - do not get Kim started on Chinese politics.
Me: I could talk about Palestinian politics.
Mark: Please don't. I don't want to be depressed any further.
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I have to get this out of my head before it starts taking over every single cell in my brain. Also, Mark: I warned you. Mark decided to have a Superbowl shindig this Sunday, even though he never watches sports, and asked me to write an entry about it.

Obviously, Mark is capitulating to the requests of his more dominant heterosexual life-partner, herein referred to HLP, who does watch sports, and engages in more mainstream activities expected of a straight American heterosexual male. Which isn't to say that Mark does not participate in them; he's just more of a nerding, car-bonding, video-game playing hetero male than a sports one.

However, after watching Brokeback Mountain, he clearly felt the need to reassert his masculinity, and the Superbowl became the perfect remedy. It would allow him to submit to the wishes of HLP, take full advantage of his HDTV, reclaim his status and assimilation to the expectations of a heteronormative society as a straight American male, and also subvert the societal expectations of himself as an Arab male - i.e., not blowing shit up.

Dear Mark, I love you.
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How do you tackle an invasion of giant jellyfish? Try making sushi.

Nomura’s jellyfish, as it is known in English, is the biggest creature of its kind off Japan and for reasons that remain mysterious its numbers have surged in the past few months.

The problem has become so serious that fishery officials from Japan, China and South Korea are to meet this month for a “jellyfish summit” to discuss strategies for dealing with the invasion.


In the meantime locals are making the best of it — rather than just complaining about jellyfish they are eating them.

Aug. 22nd, 2005 08:07 pm

the onion

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You remember that Onion headline a few weeks back, that said Police Search of Backpack Yields Explosive Bestseller? When I first saw the headline showing up in a couple of blogs, I thought it was real.

I feel kind of dumb.
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