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  • Reminder - Bay Bridge to shut down during Labor Day. Just in case you were thinking of actually going somewhere. Last year, it took me nearly two hours to go home to Oakland to see my family. It is normally a 45 minute drive.
  • Trailer for Lust, Caution. Tony Leung Chiu-Wai. Ang Lee. Joan Chen. Love, betrayal, murder, Shanghai! How could you not fall in love with it?
  • Babies eating lemons:

  • My mom gave me another giant zucchini from her garden - it's as long as my entire arm, and about five inches wide. So I am collecting zucchini recipes.
  • Linux - not just for servers anymore - in case anyone is wondering, yes I still love Ubuntu. It works great; that one bug I have that has been identified for over a year, though, still hasn't been fixed. I can use my iPod, write in OpenOffice, which I prefer to MSWord anyway, browse the web, do everything I did in Windows XP except faster! And without the Blue Screen of Death.
  • Uniqlo's fall look book.
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I am so sick of the iPhone. Yes, it'll change everything forever, with the nifty rotating browser! But how does it work, as a PHONE? Is the reception good? Do your calls get dropped?

I just finished reading this Wired article on Hans Reiser, the Linux programmer who's accused of murdering his wife. The whole thing is really strange. Three items I thought were odd, in a really bizarre article: The author describes the Oakland hills as "quiet and idyllic". Uh, quiet, maybe. Idyllic, no. He also mentions that Reiser first met his wife in Russia, where he had been several times previously using the Russian bride service. Okaaay. Three: Reiser has this obsession with manhood, and thought that teaching his son to play violent video games (which his wife objected to) would help prepare him to be "a man", because he otherwise wouldn't get that kind of education living in Oakland. (That is so funny I don't even know where to begin.)

Oh my god you know how I was bitching about our government and their stupid "English-is-the-official-national-language" thing? Apparently England has this thing where they offer free English classes to migrants, although they are considering limiting access. *sigh* And then I read that people are getting pissed off about having to "press 1 for English". Are you kidding me? Are you really that frickin lazy? And dumb?

We recently watched Sid and Nancy, which was a movie about Sid Vicious and his turbulent relationship with his groupie girlfriend. Neither of us know anything about the Sex Pistols, so we were both sort of befuddled when they cut to him not singing or actually playing any instruments while on stage. Maybe the movie itself is technically good, but I found it really hard to care about the title characters, because to me they both seemed like really unlikeable people who just screamed everything they thought. (And also mentally ill with no one to give them proper medication.) I thought Nancy seemed like a low-rent Courtney Love, and then I found out via Wikipedia that she did want to play the role, claiming that she "is Nancy Spungen". I mean, do you you really want to admit that you are a drug-addled groupie?

I'm almost done reading Extreme Cuisine: The Weird & Wonderful Foods That People Eat, by Jerry Hopkins. The foreword, of course, is written by Anthony Bourdain. There's some interesting stuff in here, but I doubt I will ever come up with the willpower to make myself eat ant salad, even if some varieties of ants "taste like honey".

I thought about the arguments that vegans make about how eating meat is immoral. I am not going to make any moral judgments about that, but I'm wondering about how vegans would suggest managing overpopulation of certain species? For example, crocodile and alligator meat were once banned, but once they started regaining their population, they had to be managed, and crocodile farms were born - for leather, meat, etc.

Hopkins makes a lot of arguments for adding other species to our diet as a "protein source", but I'm wondering why we even need to add another protein source. From all I've heard and read, most Americans consume too much protein anyway.

Amusing to me is the fact that the most befuddling items of consumption were started by the Chinese. Who the hell thinks up shit like bird's nest and thousand-year eggs (not actually a thousand years old)? Apparently, we do. (But I'm still American enough that I always turn that shit down.)
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W00T! Forgive my geeking out for a second. Mark installed Ubuntu for me and I am totally blissing out. I had stopped using my own laptop entirely for a while, because I couldn't stand waiting for half an hour for my XP to boot up, and then waiting another half hour for whatever program I wanted to start up. It was annoying. I also didn't want to spend any money on buying a new non-Windows computer - I was getting pretty disillusioned with Apple's products - granted, I only have one iPod Mini, but that experience was enough.

There were a couple glitches, though. There was this one major bug that had actually been filed last year that Mark had to write a script around. And there's some minor bugs, like printing issues. But Mark says he'll fix that up for me later. And he also warns that I'll have a hard time playing media, but there are workarounds. In the meantime I don't have anything to print, and playing around with this has been a lot of fun. I'm also excited about playing around with GIMP, which is sort of like a Linux Photoshop clone. Everything loads up so quickly - I'm amazed.

South Park Mac vs. PC:

Other things:

I'm really looking forward to Judd Apatow's new comedy Knocked Up.

I'm terrified by this link that I saw at Warren Ellis' blog: Research from a British university suggests a common preservative found in drinks such as Fanta and Pepsi Max has the ability to switch off vital parts of DNA.
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I just found out that Amazon has an entire section devoted to Hong Kong Category III films.

Lost Mitten's Etsy Shop full of Nintendo crafty stuff is awesome.

HOWTO Encourage Women in Linux - I especially like 3.3 - Don't Call Women Bitches. You would think that's obvious, but apparently not.

I've been completely riveted by the story of the fake Stanford student that was just discovered. I wonder what's going to happen to her now.

Immigrants from China, India and the Philippines in particular must wait longer than most other immigrants to bring in family members because their countrymen have tended to fill the annual immigration quotas for their countries more quickly than immigrants from other countries.
- Okay, this explains why my family had to wait so goddamn long to bring my aunts and uncles over. The rest of the article is an informative if depressing read about why the new proposed immigration bill will really, really suck for Asian immigrants and their families. *sigh*

A cat shooting game.

Maxine Hong Kingston was on the latest guest on the Bill Moyers Journal. They talked about her writing and meditation workshops for veterans of war. Some of the writing has been collected into a book called Veterans of War, Veterans of Peace. I thought it was a very touching episode, and it was interesting to hear her talk. I didn't realize how old she was - she mentioned growing up during World War II and watching relatives in uniform go off to war. It hit me - she's about or as old as my dad, then. How strange.
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I'm really sick of Windows XP (it takes nearly half an hour for my computer to start up now) and I am unwilling to spend the money on a new computer. So Ubuntu it is! According to one of Mark's geek friends who does have Windows XP, the problem is that as you use XP over time, the resources get spread out and that's why it takes longer to boot. The only solution to this is to reformat the hard drive, which means I have to back everything up on another machine, which I can do since we have so many computers, but really, are you kidding me? So lately I've just been using Mark's computers, which has Fedora (I think) and works fine for me. I don't do anything hardcore like code. I've been using Google for almost everything anyway so I don't think I'll have a problem with transferring files or anything like that.

I'm also not shelling out for an Apple. I have a mini iPod that I loathe now and don't even use. Back when I first got it, I was really excited, because look! Apple! PRETTY! But the short battery life, and the fact that you have to dock your iPod into your laptop every so often, not just your wall, really pissed me off. I think that's a stupid battery design in the first place, and I'm really not going to lose any sleep over the fact that I won't be able to access iTunes on Linux. It does mean, though that I'm going to start shopping for an mp3 player that is compatible with Ubuntu. Anyone have any suggestions?
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The news has been strange lately:

Ignacio De La Fuente, Jr., son of Oakland City Council president Ignacio De La Fuente has been convicted of raping and sexually assaulting four women, one of whom was 15 at the time.
However, even though he pled guilty, he still claims he isn't. And you know what his defense was? "They were prostitutes and they're crying rape for revenge over negotiations of payment." I can't believe they thought they could get away with that kind of defense.

A former lover of the missing wife of Linux programmer and accused spouse killer Hans Reiser has confessed to killing eight people unrelated to the case, prosecutors informed the defense last week.
Hans Reiser is well-known in the Linux community; he was accused of killing his wife, and now the former lover of his wife, who is also a witness for the prosecution, has confessed to killing 8 people in revenge for child abuse, and possibly a 9th person, too. However, he denies killing Reiser's wife.

China has been selling fake eggs as fresh eggs. UPDATE: This story is fake.
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We were at a party last night for a friend who is moving to Portland. (It seems like all the geeks are moving there.) It was really, really nerdy and I'm kind of glad I did not wear my "I heart NERDS" shirt because that would have been just overkill. I actually didn't know anyone there, as this person was more Mark's friend. But I got to meet a lot of nerds, and girl geeks in particular - one owned a hosting company, one went to school at Harvey Mudd. One of them is currently working on a nonfiction book on women in science and engineering. We talked a lot about that, and also about writing and publishing in general. I felt kind of sad because I have not been writing anything in particular for years, and she seemed to have this commitment to her work that I just don't feel.

Of relevance: Zeldman commissioned a study for stats on women working in web design. Results: unsurprising. Comments on post: unsurprisingly annoying.

What was weird about this party was that we couldn't find people who watched tv. Not that this is a prerequisite for being our friends or anything, but Mark and I really like watching television, and love talking about certain shows. It was a pretty nice party overall.

I finally started reading an actual book again. I was in the middle of A History of God by Karen Armstrong, and then I stopped. For the past few weeks I've been doing crossword puzzles during my train ride, but now I'm back. The History of God is pretty fascinating, and I'm learning a lot, but Armstrong has some pretty strong tics that can get kind of repetitive and annoying.
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