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Man, I wish Livejournal would just get it together already.

I think I might go back to having my own site - when I have time to figure it out.
Jun. 25th, 2006 09:47 am


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While watching Ebert and Roeper review The Road to Guantanamo I made a prediction that Roeper would make some asinine comment about how imbalanced the movie was or some stupid shit like that. And lo and behold, as soon as Ebert finished giving his positive review along with his opinion about how appalling it was that shit like that was happening in the US of A, Roeper interjects with "Well, I don't know that we know exactly what's going on down there, but for these three people it's really messed up."

Fuck you, Roeper.

Did you know that actor Sung Kang owns his own restaurant in L.A.? It's supposed to be pretty good, at least according to that site. Hmmm...we will have to check it out and maybe I will get to see my favorite BLT alum in person.

Does anyone know or care about the current LiveJournal controversies as of late? The breastfeeding icon one I thought was stupid, I thought people were making way too big a deal out of the voluntary ads, but I'm annoyed that every time I log into LJ I get that stupid reminder that I "could get more stuff with ads!", the whole Vox thing is confusing me, and I'm starting to wonder why SixApart can't just integrate all the services into one place, because I seriously do not want to sign on to another social network. I have enough accounts as it is, and in fact I'm thinking about deleting my myspace and possibly my delicious accounts. LibraryThing is staying - I might actually pay up for the lifetime account.
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I want livejournal to look like this. So pretty. Come on, Sixapart!
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