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My body doesn't like me. My health insurance doesn't like me, either, seeing as how my routine Ob-Gyn appointment got denied a month after it happened, and I just got charged $303.00 for it. I hate being female right now.

In other news, once I got home I got caught up on a lot of TiVo. Mark needs to quit sucking me into his shows, because it's cutting into my reading time.

Battlestar Galactica - Yay! I liked this last episode much better than the week before, although if they're going to make all the major female characters have baby lust for the rest of the season I will be seriously annoyed. Also, I love Gaeta. Who is the black Cylon dude? What does he do? Where did he go? (Obviously I didn't really watch the first two seasons. I thought they were kind of boring.) I am kind of bored with Lee and his fat suit is terrible. Loved Tigh and Ellen's scenes.

Project Runway - Uli was robbed. Ok, I am biased because I cannot stand that twat Jeffrey. I don't care if he loves his son; he was a dickhead to everyone else and he looks like a Cardassian. I really wanted Michael to win, but his collection was by far the weakest of the four.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip - I totally can't follow the dialogue. I'm starting to like Jordan/Amanda Peet more now, since she actually seems to be acting in her scenes now instead of just saying her lines. The sketches are so unfunny it completely distracts me from the rest of the show. And really, who the fuck makes sketch comedy from 16th century literature? The parts of the show that are not the sketches are pretty good, especially Matthew Perry. Nate Corddry is cute, too.

The Daily Show - Ohmygod Samantha Bee made a couple of Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret jokes! "We must, we must, increase our busts!" Hee. I read that book over and over again in the third grade and I prayed that my period would never come. Obviously, God wasn't there.

Heroes - Interesting. It's moving too slowly for me, and I wish the dialogue were better. But I love Claire the cheerleader and Hiro the enthusiastic Japanese otaku. His pal Ando is quickly turning into a favorite, too.
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I have the day off today, but it's not for fun - I have a couple of doctors' appointments today, and apparently no doctors are ever open on weekends.

Things I pondered this week:

How the hell am I going to cook the giant zucchini my mom gave to me last week? It is about a foot long and five inches wide. I am not exaggerating. She's been giving various giant zucchinis from her garden, and I am seriously starting to run out of ways to cook them. I've baked, roasted, grilled, fried, stir-fried, etc. And I really need to make us eat this one this week, otherwise it'll just go bad, and I'd hate to waste fresh food.

Mark and I have been trying to plan our meals - 1. to eat better, 2. to force ourselves to cook, 3. to save more money. It worked okay the first week, but we're running into some snags. The most annoying being - Mark hates leftovers, and he hates having the same thing twice in a row - like if we have Chinese food for dinner, he doesn't want it again the next night, even if it's not leftovers. He needs novelty, even though he's not necessarily a picky eater. The other thing I'm running into is that we're not eating enough of the groceries we get for the week. We always seem to want to eat whatever's not in the kitchen. Yesterday I caved and we ordered take-out, because I didn't eat lunch until nearly 2 o'clock, and that led to me being cranky and not wanting to cook. We're trying.

If you're in the Bay Area, you should pick up this week's SF Bay Guardian, because it's their food issue, and they have a pull-out magazine listing a bunch of different places to eat at. In their weird foods section, they recommended Yank Sing and said, "When's the last time you had chicken feet?" To which I thought, "Wusses! I ate that two weeks ago!"

Watched Project Runway last night. I *heart* Michael. You can look here for the Fashion Week presentations. Some of them did swimsuits this time, and yes, there is proof that Uli can design something other than halter dresses. I hated Jeffrey's. Laura's was pretty but boring.

Anyway, time for me to head out.
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Currently I'm just stressed out. I may be the only full-time employee in my department soon. We'll see how fast my boss can hire someone else, but I am so wary of training someone else on this stuff...

Anyway - I have some thoughts that are eating my brain but I am too hungry to link to anything:

1. Some people pointed me to the stupid Forbes article advising men not to marry "career women". Salon had a decent rebuttal.
2. There's a picture floating around of George Bush rubbing some black guy's head for luck. No, it's not photoshopped.
3. East Bay Express continues to investigate the coming merger of several newspapers under one company. I forget whose it is, but the latest development is that the Bill Gates foundation has contributed significantly to it, although the details are confidential. I find this ironic because currently the San Francisco Bay Guardian - the East Bay Express' competitor, is suing their owner, New Times Media, for selling their ads at a ridiculously low price and undercutting the competition. Anyway, SFBG has been making the same complaints about New Times Media ever since it bought up East Bay Express, SFWeekly, and the Village Voice that East Bay Express is making about the new, mainstream merger.
4. Speaking of East Bay Express, this week's cover story ticked me off. It was ostensibly about the new class of wine buyer (young, cheap, and unpretentious) and how no one caters to them. And then at the end it turned into a shill for the launch of their new wine review column. Bleh.
5. I'm media-obsessed, always. I just read today that the editor of Dwell magazine stepped down, because of her personal conflicts with the direction the magazine is going. I have a one year supply of the magazine, which I got because of my membership in MOCA, and I loved it. It was about people expressing their passion for a topic that they championed and loved, and was all about finding practical solutions for average homeowners, not just upscale millionaires. Dwell itself, right after the editor quit, announced a "re-organization". I haven't picked up Dwell in a while, but I believe it's gotten bigger, and their circulation has actually grown, which is highly unusual in the volatile magazine market.
6. Another interesting development was that Marie Claire changed editors and hired a former journalist for editor-in-chief. I bought the latest issue, and it had Maggie Gyllenhaal on the cover. The big deal, it seemed, was the editor ripping into Ashley Simpson for talking about being proud of how you look and then after the interview went to print, she went and got a nose job. The direction's supposed to be more political, "smarter", and more informed, while still being about fashion. It would be a relief from the Bonnie Fuller makeovers, that's for sure, but I was really disappointed in the fashion spread with different political figures like Hillary Clinton, John McCain, etc. Ok, I get that it's about fashion, but you couldn't have asked them any political questions?
7. Project Runway - the judges' comments about Michael Knight are driving me up the wall. "I love that he thinks!" "He's SO smart!" I'm just waiting for them to say, "He's so articulate!" I hate the Cardassian even more after watching the latest episode.
8. It's going to be the last season of Scrubs! Grr...
9. Currently making creme brulee for tomorrow. It's such a finicky dish to make, but I love cracking the burnt sugar.
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Hells yeah! Michael Knight won! I was starting to get pissed off at the edits (or lack thereof) he was getting for the first couple of episodes, and I was really annoyed with how they treated him when he came to the auditions, but this episode challenge was made for him. I totally loved his outfit, even if I could never wear it in a million years.

Anyway, stoner Bradly Baumkirchner got kicked off. I will miss his stoner commentary - "I am a squid without an ocean."

We went to the San Carlos Farmer's Market and picked up a bunch of food. Mark kept me from getting distracted, and we bought tomatoes, pierogi, fresh corn, fresh tomatoes, salad mix, and green onions. The green onions we bought from Safeway a few days ago are pretty much dead, and it bugs me. Green onions should last at least a week! It's that same way with other Safeway produce, too. Don't get me wrong - I get the majority of my groceries from Safeway, but I am going to be very, very sad once farmer's market season is over. There's just no comparison between fresh, local ingredients that don't taste of pesticide and Safeway produce. Oh, and we also got artichokes! I love artichokes, even though you can't really do much with them, and it's kind of complicated to eat.

My mom's tomatoes are starting to come in, too. ^_^

I got asked by my manager to attend a training conference in October. It's in exciting Kansas City. Anyone know any good places to eat there? I'm on my own for dinner, although I will be compensated. I heard ribs are a good bet. I could also use tips on schmoozing - the Dale Carnegie class helped a bit, but I'm supposed to build a relationship with these people whose software I just want to take a hammer to and force them to build a new program. That works. I think I might be getting a little burnt out on work, too - there's going to be another person in our department leaving and that leaves me as the only current, full-time employee under my manager. Until we hire another person. My workload has increased ten-fold, and that's fine, because previously I was seriously scrounging for work to do, but I'm starting to get disorganized. I need to get back on track.
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Project Runway is back! YAY! So far I am liking the Atlanta dude, Michael Knight, and the older woman with negative breasts and five kids who is an architect, and the Barbie doll designer, Robert, and the pageant-wear designer Kayne, whose name I keep mistyping as Kanye.

Hate: Angela, from "o-HI-o", Vincent, whom I have dubbed "Woody Allen on meth", and that "punk" rock guy with no neck that I will refer to only as the Cardassian.

I don't know why they switched to summer, since they were already doing pretty well as a winter show. Maybe because there's less competition? I think it's still too early to tell at this point who's going to end up in the final three, but I think the least dramatic people will actually make it. They have a slightly older crew this year, and the maturity shows in the ones who've decided to opt out of the drama.

In the past few days, I've finished the following books:

Triton, by Samuel R. Delany - 1. This book will teach me to never ever read those blurbs on the covers. I kept expecting stuff to happen that didn't. 2. I don't know if all Delany's books are like this, but the info-dumps were a bit much. I like my info-dumps to be much simpler and more fluid, not take up ten pages for each detail of the structure of future society. It just makes me think the main character never went to school in his world, or wasn't very observant about it. 3. Ugh, I hated the characters. It took me nearly two months to read because I hated all the characters so much. The protagonist was kind of aimless, his best friend kept hitting on him even though he's not gay, his love interest was really annoying. 4. The war that the planet is involved in lasts maybe two days. I just kept expecting more to happen. Maybe I should re-read it, but I might end up throwing it at the wall. I haven't really read Delany's work before other than a few essays - maybe his shorter works are better? 5. I also ended up laughing at Delany's ideas of "futuristic space fashion".

The World's Worst: A Guide to the Most Disgusting Hideous Inept and Dangerous People, Places and Things on Earth, by Mark Frauenfelder - Frankly, if you already read BoingBoing this book is unnecessary. It doesn't even go into as much detail as the posts on the same subjects in his blog do. There should have been more pictures. I finished this coming home yesterday.

Angel Sanctuary Book 1, by Kaori Yuki - I actually already have this manga series on my bookshelf. However, I bought them in Japanese, because at the time, I was under the delusion that I would actually learn Japanese well enough to read it. Anyway, the only way I can describe the series is: CRACKTASTIC. First, there's the incest. And the mixed-race weirdness. Then the whole battle between the angels and the demons, and right now, from what I can tell, the demons are the good guys. And the demons have declared war against God, and they might actually win! Oh, and did I mention the incest? It's even more fucked up than the Flowers in the Attic stuff. I borrowed this translation from the library - they only have up to book 6.

The Reach of a Chef, by Michael Ruhlman - Actually, I'm still reading this one. I think I'll be done tomorrow. It's okay, but not as good as I thought it would be.
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Maker Faire was awesome. It was really more of a Nerd Faire, with plenty of people making stuff and selling the things they made. We met the guy who built his own backyard monorail, talked with members of the Bay Area LEGO Users Group aka BayLUG, got a free ReadyMade magazine and a tote bag for the faire, and watched some people who should have been at RenFaire fight and helped Diana Eng and her partner Emily Albinski hand out programs for their fashion show debut (thanks to Blogging Project Runway. I think they should have made more, but who knew how popular the Maker Faire would be? I wish I had brought my camera, but oh well.

There was another fashion show before Black Box Nation, called A Recycled Fashion Show, featuring clothes that had been altered, remade, reused in true DIY fashion. It was very cool, and my favorite part was when one of the designers transformed a boring office outfit onstage with just scissors into something really cute and fashionable.

Edited to flesh this part out:
So Diana is exactly like the way she was on Project Runway - very sweet, soft-spoken, nerdy, sort of spacey, and actually shorter than me. Emily is much the same way, and quite possibly nerdier. Of course I kept a program from Black Box Nation!

The Lineup - the first up were the "biomimetic clothing" - which meant that the clothes themselves could transform into different silhouettes and shapes. One model pulled a shawl out of her purse, another transformed her shirt into a different, cuter shirt by moving a few folds, and the last reversed her black skirt and pinned it up to reveal a bold print underneath.

Next up were the functional jewelry - unfortunately I don't remember what they were, and it was hard to get a good look from where I was. (I need new glasses.)

I'd seen the mathematical knits before - these knits were based on number patterns. The other dress featured a ruffle running down the dress based on the Fibonacci sequence.

Then there was the PCB Radio, which was a bunch of jewelry, when properly adjusted, would turn your head into a radio. Okay, not literally. The necklace became a piece that attached to something else to become an antenna, and these really cute earrings were actually speakers, which you could flip up to become headphones. This Flickr photo explains it better.

There was the heartbeat hoodie, which she used to enter Project Runway. It looked much better now that you could see it close up.

Next up was the mobius strip bag, which unzipped to turn into a bag with a longer handle. (I was kind of hoping that it would actually turn into a bigger bag.)

The next models wore Emily Albinski's jewelry designed from electronic fuses.

Their show featured the famous inflatable dress, which was hacked from a hand vacuum.

It was a lot of fun, and I hope to see more stuff soon!
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I have been fashion-obsessed for the past few days. I have no idea why. Maybe it was the sale at Express.

Blogging Project Runway has a cute April Fool's joke.

Torrid interviews Andrae. I love Andrae.

Nick Verreos on people trying out for Season 3.

Diana Eng's blog - we are planning to go see her at the Maker Faire, where she and her friend Emily Albinski will be having a fashion show. It should be interesting. I'm hoping she brings her self-inflating dress.

This is way too early to be going WTF DUMBASSES? But the fashion industry wants to copyright their clothes. 1. How exactly are they going to enforce this? 2. Copying is the bread and butter of the fashion industry! Are they going to pay back people from the seventies for turning bell-bottoms into "flared pants"? Are they going to pay people in China for stealing Mandarin collars? Really WTF DUMBASSES? And fuck Deborah Wilcox, who thinks the fashion industry may have a case: "You don't need to clothe yourself just for warmth. This is one area that has stood out that has not had protection that seems close to other areas that do have protection." Fuck you if most of us don't want to pay 2 months' rent for a dress. How much are these designers paying their workers anyway? Not much, I bet.

Eh, to take my mind off the stupidity, I offer you these food blogs:
TacoHunt blog Burrito Blog Burritophile

Mark's rules for a good Mexican eatery? 1. Questionable cooking practices. (This one applies to Chinese restaurants, too.) 2. Christmas lights.
Mar. 12th, 2006 08:04 pm


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I'm listening to Tim Gunn's podcast about the finale, and he's talking about Chloe and her 7 sisters, and says that her mom was trying to have a boy.

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I watched the finale of Project Runway last night. Yay Chloe! You know what? I actually liked her stuff better once I saw it on the runway. Except for the huge pink couch dress.

I'm still ambivalent about Chloe as a designer, because I don't think there's much originality there. On the other hand, that's perfect for a Banana Republic mentorship, since there's not much originality in Banana Republic anyway. I really like Chloe as a person, and loved her professionalism. I also totally relate to her having a huge family of sisters. I liked that for once, a reality show rewards 1. a minority, 2. a genuinely nice person. On the other hand, I wouldn't call Chloe the "next great designer".

I think the judges were on crack, though, during their questioning. First of all, Debra Messing as judge? What the hell has she got to do with fashion, other than being constantly insulted for not having any boobs on Will and Grace? I hated how their priorities seemed to change and contradict with each designer. They dinged Santino for being too "out there" all season, and then he finally tones it down, and then they bitch about him being "too safe". I don't think the batwing-leather corset dress was exactly playing it safe, but whatever. And I can't believe I just defended Santino, but I liked some of his stuff.

Season 1's clothes were much better.

I really liked Daniel V.'s 13th dress, even though I think that was mostly Nick's work.

Did the fashion industry just realize that dresses could have pockets? That was a trend at the Oscars, too - many of the evening gowns had pockets. If so, WHY DIDN'T THEY THINK OF THIS EARLIER?

Good news for Mark: I think I finally got sucked into Battlestar Galactica with the finale. And now we'll have to wait until October to find out what happens next.

This post from Hanzi Smatter is really funny. Apparently, according to the World Bible School, "the Chinese believed in God and knew about all the stories in the bible. Matters of fact, many Chinese characters, if not all, were derived from actual events and stories in the Holy Bible", which is obviously utter bullshit if you had even the most basic knowledge of Chinese history. But the kicker is the one of the examples they used to highlight this "theory".

I liked this post by Yan of Glutter, about how "Chinese Writers Don't Write For a Western Audience in Mind".

Oh, and it's snowing in San Francisco.
Feb. 24th, 2006 07:00 pm

tv land

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For most of the day I've had David Bowie on a loop in my head. Of course, there could be worse musicians to be stuck in my head, but I'd like a change already.

I got my MightyLeaf tea today at noon. My confirmation was sent at 11:30am yesterday. The Mountain Spring Jasmine is already my favorite; the smell is so soothing.

Project Runway - Reunion show - good lord, does this show love to milk the finale or what? It was a more entertaining than usual recap show, because it featured a coked-out Lupe (I don't believe it was just weed), more singing, Zulema's bullshit alter ego "Shitangy" and a confrontation between her and the model she ditched, and Santino. They should have just called it the Santino Show, since over half of it was clips of him singing, doing Tim Gunn impressions, and generally being a dick to everyone on the show. My favorite clip of him is the one where he says "I WANT TO EAT YOUR SOUL!" to Andrae because then I just pretend he's Zod trying to take over the world. Oh, and Daniel F.'s "I love you, Heidi" was the creepiest moment ever. Is he stalking her or something? He looked like he wanted to cry.

Inside the Actor's Studio - Dave Chappelle - This episode was two hours long and totally worth it. It's one of the best episodes ever. He talks a little bit about why he left for Africa, about how he got started, the usual, etc. I just love how smart he is, and how genuinely nice he seems to be. And yay for him saying "You may not be racist yourself, but you benefit from racism."

That's What I'm Talking About - In honor of Black History Month, TV Land made three episodes of this show, hosted by Wayne Brady, in which black people talk about the black experience. I think it was only rerun once or twice, so I only caught the second episode, called "Movers, Shakers, and Playmakers", about politicians, athletes, and comedians. Guests included Spike Lee, Reverend Al Sharpton, Wanda Sykes, John Ridley, and Greg Anthony. I couldn't really stand Spike Lee, even when I was agreeing with him. I liked what Sharpton and Sykes had to say, and I don't really remember who the other two are, except one of them went so far as to call Kobe Bryant a "hero" and I was like "wuh?" There were times when everyone got really passionate and talked over each other, and I thought Wayne Brady could have been more effective as a mediator, but overall it was a really interesting discussion.

I wish I could have caught the other episodes; but I guess they got replaced by more important things, like reruns of Cheers.
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I just finished watching the last episode of Project Runway. I think they should have had a do-over for this episode. If Iman's going to be a judge, your dress had better look spectacular. Everyone did the same thing they've been doing for the entire season, except for Chloe, who seemed to be having some sort of crisis. And speaking of Chloe, why the hell was Daniel and Kara bagging on her all of a sudden when they didn't have a problem with her before? Assholes. I hate it when people pull that stuff.

Did they forget the memo from the Fashion Week lady? "BE NICE."
Feb. 11th, 2006 09:11 am


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1. WTF??
2. Michael Kors needs to shut up with the dumb-ass similes.
3. Does Kara have any ideas of her own?
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Definitely watch the bonus videos, with the extended clip of Daniel V.'s coming out story. He's 80/20 gay? Hmm... He's such a sweet kid; I just want to hug him.

I am liking Chloe a lot as a person more than I like her designs. I suspect I would actually buy her stuff in real life, but as a high fashion designer she's not really that exciting. I am totally behind her obsession with blue, though.

Badgley and Mischka were the most adorable judges ever.


Why isn't there a token straight guy on this show?
What the hell is up with the judges this year on the use of the word "vulgar"? 1. I do not think it means what they think it means, and 2. Where would fashion be if not for vulgarity?
Did anyone get the joke where Heidi says that she likes the shiny plants on Santino's dress and Michael Kors says "That's because you're German"? Are Germans predisposed to like shiny things?
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Now here's an interesting project - designers were given digital cameras, and instructed to take pictures of what inspired them, and use one of those pictures as inspiration for their next outfit. Tim Gunn gives a pep talk, because their last couple of projects have been really lackluster. Tim is right, of course.

The models got switched this time, because Zulema won the last one, and because Zulema wishes she had the bitchiness of Omarosa. Then she wonders why everyone's hating on her. She steals Nick's model, Tarah. Nick, even though I sympathized with him, acted like a two year old who's had his candy taken away from him. And dude, when it takes 24 year old Daniel V. to snap 38 year old you out of your funk? I think there are maturity problems.

If I was Rachel, Nick's new model, and I was watching this particular episode, I would want to go jump out a window because of Tim's shocking description - "elongated marshmallow", "Gumby legs"? Good lord, man, tell us how you really feel.

According to Tim's podcast, he warned Santino at the fabric store that he'd chosen the same fabric as Austin in Season 1. So his shock on the runway when Jay pointed it out was utterly fake. Does Santino know any women? Does he know where a woman's waist is? Every dress he makes is totally unflattering, and it's the same damn dress he made for Nicky Hilton, without any trim. His Tim Gunn impression was hilarious.

I liked Andrae's dress better than Daniel V.'s. I also thought that Daniel V.'s, while elegant, was totally ripped off of some Japanese designer like Yohji Yamamoto or Issey Miyake a few years back. Andrae's was much better, although imperfect, and I liked it because it wasn't quite so literal an interpretation of his photo as the others.

Zulema lost and good riddance. God, her bitchiness was not even good television, and the fact that it happened illustrates exactly why I love Project Runway. For all her talk about strategizing, the show is ultimately about tangible talent under enormous time pressures, and she proved she couldn't handle the time pressure. (I'm not so sure about the actual talent, either.)
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Ok, so I watched the Sasha Cohen (not Ali G.) episode last night. The judges are fucking tripping on something.

How is it that Emmett's outfit is more vulgar than Zulema's, whose toothpaste-style lacing barely covered her model's nipples? And who the hell says "tooty"? I mean, are the judges twelve?

I didn't like most of the outfits, and Santino should have been kicked off. He was practically begging for it.

Yay Jay this week!
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I watched Brokeback Mountain last night, and surprisingly, I didn't cry. I think I was distracted by all the hype (even though I don't think it was undeserved) and I kept waiting for certain moments that I got impatient and underwhelmed when they did arrive. Heath Ledger was excellent. A lot of it reminded me of what Ang Lee tried to do in Hulk, in using quiet space to enhance the emotional aspects of particular scenes - but that doesn't work in a comic book world.

Also, the love scenes were totally worth the price of admission.

Project Runway 2 - Daniel V. and Andrae win the Banana Republic challenge, with a dress I could see myself wearing. However, knowing Banana Republic, they will charge $250 for it when it probably only costs $45 to produce, if that. (It will eventually go on sale.) Santino insults the people who are judging his work, and finds himself on the same chopping block as Diana and Marla. How many eye-rolls did you count? I won't miss Marla, but I liked Diana, nerd-girl, and I think she was probably just way too young for the show and in over her head.

For once, the Asians on reality show have not embarrassed me in any way. How is that possible? Chloe's outfit was actually interesting this time, but I hated the fabric she chose for the reversible jacket. And how cute is it whenever she talks about how she's trying to make the cheap fabric look expensive? The girl has seven sisters (ha! she beat my family); she knows how to be resourceful. And because I would totally do that.

Scrubs - my favorite fucking sitcom ever has returned, and there are two episodes each week. Yay! It seems like they went all out this season, as we have a Bruce Lee parody scene where surgeons wear their masks like ninjas with Kung Fu Fighting as the soundtrack. I was laughing my ass off, as they nailed all the cliches perfectly. This is my second favorite episode after the one with Brendan Fraser.

Mansfield Park, by Jane Austen - I've been reading this on the train ride to and from work, and it's pissing me off that it took me an entire week to finish this book. Mostly because I expect that short a novel to only take me a day or two to finish. Anyway, I really liked this book, but wow, did I hate the protagonist, Fanny Price, that I was supposed to be rooting for.

Fanny Price has no faults, other than being too gentle. She's moral and easily fatigued and has a lot of passion that is apparent to everyone and that's what they fall in love with - the fact that she feels things exquisitely and she's so damn moral. She's a total Mary Sue and I generally expect better from Austen. Fanny Price gets what she wants in the end, but not because of any real action on her part - it's mostly because everyone else flames out spectacularly that changes other people's mind about Fanny. If we are to believe that Fanny is such a perfect person, then the guy she does wind up with doesn't even really deserve her, as he's a dumbass. Upright, moral, but still a dumbass easily fooled by flirting.

I loved Mary Crawford's character, as she is everything that Fanny Price is not. She becomes a two-dimensional caricature at the end, but for most of the novel, she's charming, manipulative, smart, perceptive, and calculating. She seems to be genuinely nice to Fanny, and thus have a trace of humanity within her, and to care for her suitor, but have a difficult time deciding whether her love or her quest for comfort comes first.

Next up for reading is Sense and Sensibility, which, incidentally, is another Ang Lee movie. Hmm. I think Ang Lee needs to do more Chinese movies. I miss them.

This review of A Million Little Pieces, stolen from Long Story, Short Pier sums up my thoughts on Frey exactly and saves me the trouble of actually reading the damn book:

Frey sums up his entire life in one sentence from p. 351 of this 382-page memoir: "I took money from my parents and I spent it on drugs." Given the simplicity and familiarity of the story, you might wonder what Frey does in the other 381 pages. The story itself is simple: he goes through rehab at an expensive private clinic, with his parents footing the bill. That's it. 400 pages of hanging around a rehab clinic.


There they are, the most childish dreams of every little rich white boy: being down with the brothers and the Mafia. The tough guys. The Jazzmen. Having friends with connections in those two equally artificial cities, Vegas and New Orleans.

There, now you know why he couldn't get his book sold as fiction.
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I have to go to the dentist in a few minutes. Having to use money for essentials hurts.

I caught up on Project Runway last night. During the first season, I didn't really get why everyone was so picky about their models - I mean, all they had to do was look pretty and walk down a runway for about 30 seconds. How could you possibly fuck up walking?

Then Season 2 happened. Last season's models had personalities in addition to their walks; this season, they all seem sedated. I can't tell you which ones made an impression on me or who I liked, because I didn't really see anyone that was that special. And several of them made the designers' clothes look worse, especially Marla's model. Marla already had a bad design, but her model did it no favors.

Anyway, I think Daniel V. was robbed. The dress he made with the sixties-ish print was beautiful. It gave his model an hour-glass figure. Santino shouldn't be so smug about winning the challenges, because Jay won exactly 0 challenges and went on to win the entire competition. There's no versatality to his "vision", and his one trick seems to be to find a beautiful fabric and throw shit at it until it sticks. Nick's dress was far more gorgeous and flattering than his was.

Chloe's dress was boring.

Funny highlights:

Nicky Hilton: "My standards are high and my taste is exquisite." Ha!

Chloe, to Diana: "That looks like something Stevie Nicks would wear."
Diana: "Who's Stevie Nick?"

Lupe, to Tim Gunn: "It looks like crap."
Tim: "I'm not going to debate that."
Dec. 30th, 2005 11:26 pm


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Tomorrow we're flying to Seattle, to meet up with some friends for our New Year's Eve celebration. Since Mark and I hardly ever spend any holidays together, it's definitely a treat for me. Apparently the plan is to go to some "good underground hip hop" concert. I have not heard the words "underground", "good", and "hip hop" all in the same sentence lately, so I have my hopes up. I don't have a name. Will probably write about them once I see them.

The next day we're driving up with Mark's friends to Vancouver. I am the queen of packing. I packed all our stuff, including umbrella, beanies, gloves, undies, heavy sweaters and towels all in our luggage, and we still had room for Mark's laptop. We're bringing his laptop because we got a hotel with wireless. Geeks need their Internet. In Vancouver, we plan on eating dim sum, possibly taking a walking tour of Gastown, going to the aquarium because they have beluga whales, and checking out the underground historical drama of Vancouver. There may be more.

We're going to have to remind ourselves to take lots of pictures. We always bring the camera and forget about it. It's such a waste of my money. ^_^

Project Runway has podcasts! Tim Gunn explains what goes on behind the scenes, what the cameras didn't show, etc. Zod's meltdown went on for about ninety minutes, Diana's clothes looked nothing like what she pitched to Heidi, and Heidi surprises everyone by having a brain.

I hate Zod. I don't even think he's that talented - he just keeps adding ruffles and thinks that makes up for his lack of understanding about a woman's body. There's no one I really root for right now like I did in Season 1. This season, they're either mean, or boring, and they seem unwilling to listen. I mean, did any of them even watch Season 1? So far I think Nick has the most potential, Chloe is talented but boring, Diana totally disappointed with this last challenge and is so inarticulate I wanted to smack her, Emmett is a cute boring robot overcompensating his menswear background with pink frills, Marla can't sew, Zod is evil incarnate, Daniel V who? I can't remember anyone else.

Must. Sleep.
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So I finally got my phone fixed. The first time I went to the Sprint store, the guy there wouldn't look at my phone unless he had a password and could confirm that I was an "authorized user". Since the phone is under my sister's contract, and she was working at the time, I didn't have any of that information on me. I left, annoyed.

I went again this weekend, to be greeted by a friendly guy with dreads. I showed him my phone and he didn't even ask me anything, just said, "Oh yeah, it's fixable", and went in some room, came out in a minute and voila, fixed phone and new charger, free! Same store. WTF?

Noted - there is a Nijiya market in that same strip mall, and a used bookstore in the area. For some reason, the Nijiya market is not listed on their company site.

I otherwise had a pretty lazy-ass weekend. We gorged on Project Runway episodes. My favorite contestant so far is Diana Eng, a fashion nerd so fucking nerdy that she wrote in her blog:

How do you explain good design? I lay in bed at night with my "good design" stuffed animal (a well proportioned monkey who's head, body and legs have a 1:1 ratio, and his arms have a 1.5:1 ration to his body) reading my "good design" magazine (ID magazine). And ID magazine is indeed the ultimate all around good design magazine. I was flipping through it on the subway and some man was like, "what magazine is that, it is so colorful and pretty." I'm such a sucker for the aesthetically pleasing. But does it come down to being a mathematical ratio? Even matching colors are mathematically related on a color scale. Or just something eye catching. Or is it the mathematical ratio that makes things eye-catching? Well, we'll find out when someone writes a program to replace graphic designers.

She is like the anti-reality-show contestant. On one of her outfits, she was having trouble because the "polarity of the magnets got reversed". She is probably not going to win, but I want to see her stick around for a couple more episodes.

We have taken to calling Santino "coke/crackhead Zod" because he looks like the evil guy from one of those Superman movies. Zod's really into ruffles.

Emmett is a pretty gay robot, who makes really pretty clothes.

Chloe is cute!

Those are the only ones I remember so far. Why is it that most of these people (with a few exceptions) can create such beautiful clothes, but have personal styles that say "homeless person" or "crackhead"?

Warning - rant about San Franciscans - not applicable to my friends who live there - You know what really annoys me? San Franciscans who don't own cars and are really smug about it, but then bum rides off of you anyway. Don't you know you're only transferring your "environmental footprint" onto me? In the same category, San Franciscans who own cars but refuse to leave the fucking city because they have to "cross a bridge". It's too far, they say. Boohoo. Dude, if you can afford to live in San Francisco, you can afford to cross the bridge every once in a while. So much for openmindedness.
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