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What the heck is up with news websites making the links to their second pages of their articles Javascript instead of HTML?! We have Noscript installed for a reason and I am not right-clicking "allow" every time I want to read something. So completely unnecessary.

Also, the entire article should be on one page anyway. There's an option for "single page view", but guess what? Also Javascript.

PS. Oh hey, I just discovered clicking on "Print" will open up the whole article in a new tab.

WTF, people.
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  • Reminder - Bay Bridge to shut down during Labor Day. Just in case you were thinking of actually going somewhere. Last year, it took me nearly two hours to go home to Oakland to see my family. It is normally a 45 minute drive.
  • Trailer for Lust, Caution. Tony Leung Chiu-Wai. Ang Lee. Joan Chen. Love, betrayal, murder, Shanghai! How could you not fall in love with it?
  • Babies eating lemons:

  • My mom gave me another giant zucchini from her garden - it's as long as my entire arm, and about five inches wide. So I am collecting zucchini recipes.
  • Linux - not just for servers anymore - in case anyone is wondering, yes I still love Ubuntu. It works great; that one bug I have that has been identified for over a year, though, still hasn't been fixed. I can use my iPod, write in OpenOffice, which I prefer to MSWord anyway, browse the web, do everything I did in Windows XP except faster! And without the Blue Screen of Death.
  • Uniqlo's fall look book.
Jul. 25th, 2007 05:47 am


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Well, that was annoying. Thank you, PG&E for being so spectacularly awful. Craigslist is back up!
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I am so sick of the iPhone. Yes, it'll change everything forever, with the nifty rotating browser! But how does it work, as a PHONE? Is the reception good? Do your calls get dropped?

I just finished reading this Wired article on Hans Reiser, the Linux programmer who's accused of murdering his wife. The whole thing is really strange. Three items I thought were odd, in a really bizarre article: The author describes the Oakland hills as "quiet and idyllic". Uh, quiet, maybe. Idyllic, no. He also mentions that Reiser first met his wife in Russia, where he had been several times previously using the Russian bride service. Okaaay. Three: Reiser has this obsession with manhood, and thought that teaching his son to play violent video games (which his wife objected to) would help prepare him to be "a man", because he otherwise wouldn't get that kind of education living in Oakland. (That is so funny I don't even know where to begin.)

Oh my god you know how I was bitching about our government and their stupid "English-is-the-official-national-language" thing? Apparently England has this thing where they offer free English classes to migrants, although they are considering limiting access. *sigh* And then I read that people are getting pissed off about having to "press 1 for English". Are you kidding me? Are you really that frickin lazy? And dumb?

We recently watched Sid and Nancy, which was a movie about Sid Vicious and his turbulent relationship with his groupie girlfriend. Neither of us know anything about the Sex Pistols, so we were both sort of befuddled when they cut to him not singing or actually playing any instruments while on stage. Maybe the movie itself is technically good, but I found it really hard to care about the title characters, because to me they both seemed like really unlikeable people who just screamed everything they thought. (And also mentally ill with no one to give them proper medication.) I thought Nancy seemed like a low-rent Courtney Love, and then I found out via Wikipedia that she did want to play the role, claiming that she "is Nancy Spungen". I mean, do you you really want to admit that you are a drug-addled groupie?

I'm almost done reading Extreme Cuisine: The Weird & Wonderful Foods That People Eat, by Jerry Hopkins. The foreword, of course, is written by Anthony Bourdain. There's some interesting stuff in here, but I doubt I will ever come up with the willpower to make myself eat ant salad, even if some varieties of ants "taste like honey".

I thought about the arguments that vegans make about how eating meat is immoral. I am not going to make any moral judgments about that, but I'm wondering about how vegans would suggest managing overpopulation of certain species? For example, crocodile and alligator meat were once banned, but once they started regaining their population, they had to be managed, and crocodile farms were born - for leather, meat, etc.

Hopkins makes a lot of arguments for adding other species to our diet as a "protein source", but I'm wondering why we even need to add another protein source. From all I've heard and read, most Americans consume too much protein anyway.

Amusing to me is the fact that the most befuddling items of consumption were started by the Chinese. Who the hell thinks up shit like bird's nest and thousand-year eggs (not actually a thousand years old)? Apparently, we do. (But I'm still American enough that I always turn that shit down.)
Jun. 8th, 2007 06:38 am


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ROLL CALL: English is now the national language of the US Govt?

I agree with the blogger - this just makes me sick to my stomach. I feel like my entire family has been devalued as American citizens and immigrants. They are attacking my parents, my parents who worked for years under the table, who raised several successful kids, and who with the limited resources they had managed to bring most of their extended family here (it only took them what? 20 years), because America is where "you are lucky". Not that this isn't part of a larger trend that's been going on for years - the abolishment of ESL classes, the stupid immigration bill, the dumb "wall" intended to keep out pesky Mexicans, the unbelievable denial that so many so-called Americans live in that allows them to think the First Amendment "goes too far".

I hate the Democrats. Unless they are also willing to sponsor a bill that will provide free English language classes to all American citizens and immigrants and prove they actually want to help people instead of bringing them down a notch for not being "American enough", they're not getting a dime from me.

Not that I was going to even bother after the Iraq war funding bill stupidity.

I have to come up with another word besides "stupid" - but that's just what all of this is. COMPLETELY STUPID.
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I can't believe I read the following comment on Hugo Schwyzer's blog:

At second glance, after reading works about globalization like Amartya Sen’s Development as Freedom or Paul Krugman’s amazing piece “In Praise of Cheap Labor” or the more recent book “Travels of a T-Shirt” by Pietra Rivoli, I began to realize that sweatshops often give women in the developing world their first chance at economic independence. It puts them into the labor force which is a very important part of the development of gender rights. They earn money for themselves. Women who work tend to get married later in life and have fewer children.

UGH. Sure, sweatshops are great. They totally give women freedom! Someone should tell my mom that all those 12 hour days she worked made her more free!
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Man, I wish Livejournal would just get it together already.

I think I might go back to having my own site - when I have time to figure it out.
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I just found out that Amazon has an entire section devoted to Hong Kong Category III films.

Lost Mitten's Etsy Shop full of Nintendo crafty stuff is awesome.

HOWTO Encourage Women in Linux - I especially like 3.3 - Don't Call Women Bitches. You would think that's obvious, but apparently not.

I've been completely riveted by the story of the fake Stanford student that was just discovered. I wonder what's going to happen to her now.

Immigrants from China, India and the Philippines in particular must wait longer than most other immigrants to bring in family members because their countrymen have tended to fill the annual immigration quotas for their countries more quickly than immigrants from other countries.
- Okay, this explains why my family had to wait so goddamn long to bring my aunts and uncles over. The rest of the article is an informative if depressing read about why the new proposed immigration bill will really, really suck for Asian immigrants and their families. *sigh*

A cat shooting game.

Maxine Hong Kingston was on the latest guest on the Bill Moyers Journal. They talked about her writing and meditation workshops for veterans of war. Some of the writing has been collected into a book called Veterans of War, Veterans of Peace. I thought it was a very touching episode, and it was interesting to hear her talk. I didn't realize how old she was - she mentioned growing up during World War II and watching relatives in uniform go off to war. It hit me - she's about or as old as my dad, then. How strange.
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You know what would be awesome? Maybe when they fix the Maze, it will no longer be a MAZE.

Did Heroes just turn into an episode of Dragonball Z?

Stat I just learned: San Francisco has the highest number of people aged 100 and over - about 60 of them. I think one of them is my aunt.
Apr. 25th, 2007 11:30 am


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Am home sick today, but I can't sleep, so I give you links!

  • Latest issue of Jump Cut - this month's theme is China and China diaspora film. I have not read this yet, but it seems interesting, and an academic dissection of Kung Fu Hustle sounds like fun.
  • GreenCine interview with the stars of Hot Fuzz. I can't wait to see this movie.
  • Mike Daisey talks to the guy who dumped water on his notes. I really admire Mike Daisey's approach to how he handled this. Plus his act was really funny and it's stupid that he got so rudely interrupted like that.
  • I usually like 60 Minutes, and I'll even concede Anderson Cooper can be pretty. But I hated his "Stop Snitching" segment, in which he blames hip hop for being the cause of black people not talking to police. I mean, really, it wasn't maybe Rodney King or Amadou Diallo? Or even just the collective and justified distrust of police that police have done nothing to mitigate? Hip hop is not just Cam'ron, okay? I wouldn't talk to the police, either, unless I absolutely had to. I have no street cred to protect, but where I come from I've yet to see the police live up to their actual job descriptions. It was overall just lazy, lazy journalism. I'd go on but I think I would explode.
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I am so spoiled. Mark is making me dinner, and I got home-made cupcakes from one of my co-workers. I have the lazy:

  • As a small present to myself, I bought Missbehave magazine. (Warning: website has music.) It is so adorable. It's like Sassy, but with hip hop self-confidence instead of indie insecurity. It's even published right out of Brooklyn, and the editor-in-chief's last name is Choi! So nice.
  • I typically implement a news ban around my birthday. I have no desire to re-live the horrors of past years, but I couldn't avoid seeing the news about the Virginia Tech gunman. I read some article (I forget where) which naively described the feeling of relief that each ethnic group found out it "wasn't us". Which is such bullshit, if people actually think most Americans give a shit about the difference between Korean and Chinese or Vietnamese. It's all the same to them.
  • Really good post on the suck that is American immigration.
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I regret having to inform you that your name is in the database. While we are uncertain whether your personal information was actually obtained, we know that the hacker sought and retrieved some Social Security numbers. Therefore, I want to bring this situation to your attention and urge you to take actions to minimize your potential risk of identity theft. I emphasize that we have no evidence that personal information has been misused.

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  1. This week was Secret Santa week! My Secret Santa gave me a little Christmas fir (obviously she doesn't know I will kill it in three weeks, if that), a Starbucks gift card (dude what is up with Starbucks at my company? everyone said they got one), my cubicle got decorated, and a really nice-smelling candle. I had no idea who it was, and the person it turned out to be was someone I had never suspected.
  2.  We also did a "white elephant" thing. For those of you who don't know about office holiday games like these, it's one of those things where everyone brings a small gift under $20. People take turns either opening a gift or stealing another gift from someone else who's already opened one. Each gift can only be stolen three times. After the third steal, the person gets to keep the gift. So a couple of the gifts were really desirable - like a bottle of wine, a Hello Kitty coffeemaker, a champagne flute, and others were not. Like my Serenity DVD! The person who opened it looked as if she had opened a can of worms - that's how unhappy she was with it. Ultimately she gave it up to someone who actually watches Firefly, and got herself a banjo Christmas CD instead. Weirdo.
  3. I had the most expensive meal of my life this week. Mark and I and a few other friends tried a tasting menu at the Ritz-Carlton. It was excellent, although I will be feeling guilty for the next six months for spending so much money.  One of the reasons we ate there was because the head chef beat  Japanese Iron Chef Hiroyuki Sakai. At least that's one of my rationales. It started out with several dishes of seafood (which were all really fresh and contained some things I would normally never eat, like sea urchin), foie gras (divine but I thought the foie gras I had at Bistro Elan was much better), duck breast (fantastic), veal (eh, kind of dry), and finished off with some desserts (delicious). 
  4. So I've been semi-following the whole Rosie O'Donnell thing.  At first I didn't really care, but then I hear she gave a half-assed apology in which she says she's sorry she's offended some people but she'll probably do another joke like that next week? Uh, first of all, "ching chong" ain't a joke. It's something five year olds use to taunt the new kid in class. And second of all, it's dumb and cliched at best. And third, unfunny. Like not just it's-offensive-and-racist-unfunny, as in it's just not funny. Not that I ever thought she was funny in the first place.
  5. Rachael Ray's influence expands. Next year the Oxford American dictionary will feature the word, or rather, abbreviation EVOO.
  6. I'm not linking anything today because I'm sick and don't feel like it.
  7. Has anyone read any reviews of Jimmy Carter's new book that doesn't attack him for being too sympathetic to Palestinians?

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On my last night in Kansas City, I decided to walk around the Plaza and shop with a few of the women from the conference. One of the women really wanted to go inside the Williams-Sonoma, so we went inside.

I started browsing around the cookbooks, when a salesperson came up to me. "Do you need help with anything?" I said, "No, thank you, I'm just browsing." I started to go back to browsing, but then she decided to say to me, in a really slow voice, "Okay. I will leave you alone then." I thought she was strange but didn't think much of it.

Later, as we were about to leave, this salesperson came up to me again. "Are you looking for something to bring home from America?"

Now I just stared at her. After a brief pause, I replied, "Uh, I was born here."

Flustered, she replied, "Oh, I hope I haven't offended you. You have, just such an esteemed air about you..." And she goes on, I can't remember the exact words, but I remember her saying that something about me made me seem really, really Japanese.

I didn't bother talking to her anymore and just walked out.

I am so, so fucking happy to be home in the Bay Area.
Sep. 30th, 2006 08:27 am

faux pas

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I kind of bluntly told a friend that I didn't think she lost any weight, and I got a sarcastic, "Gee, thanks, Kim." I didn't even mean it as an insult - and frankly, I don't think she should have lost any weight. I thought she looked fine. The conversation moved on from there, but I felt bad about opening my stupid mouth.

God, I hate navigating female self-esteem. Because none of us have any.

Some links of interest:
Blade got cancelled.
Tutoring gets outsourced to India. Tutoring costs $25 now? What? Nobody told me that when I was asked to tutor kids!
Blogging teachers get fired, for, um, telling the truth.
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