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Jun. 13th, 2008 05:41 pm


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So in doing stuff for my wedding, I keep coming across this newly made up and vomit-inducing word: "nearly-wed".

It's called "engaged", people.
Mar. 31st, 2008 09:58 am


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I just called a vendor - the florist - and she told me it would be cheaper to do it myself. Like, she actually advised me to go down to Walmart and get some decorations from there or something.


OK then.
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I just informed Mark that there is such a thing as a cake-cutting fee. His response? "We'll cut our own fucking cake, then."
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I am done with the test. I have no idea how I did, although I am trying really hard to make myself not care.

I am warning any reader that the next year will probably be all wedding stuff as I try to make sense of everything. I have so many magazines and I still have no clue. I did find something interesting in the Instyle Weddings, though. Lisa Ling (not to be confused with Lucy Liu) married this hot Asian doctor and they did their wedding a bit differently. I can't decide if it's the most awesome thing ever, or kind of tacky.

Text from the magazine: "Indeed, the ushers sported Cobra Kai uniforms a la The Karate Kid; the groom, oncologist Paul Song, changed into Converse Chuck Taylors and a traditional Korean hanbok for the reception; and his bride was red!"

"In the end more than 600 guests-sporting Chinese slippers, samurai swords at their sides or chopsticks in their hair-turned out for the elegant if nontraditional ceremony and deliberately kitschy Asian lounge reception at Union Station in L.A."

Yeah, Mark and I would definitely not be able to pull off something like that. Although I am considering doing our reception at the Natural History Museum. Or the Walt Disney Concert Hall. That would be fun, I think.

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We got back from the wedding a while ago. Our table was the LUG group, and how nerdy was it that two people at our table bought the groom and the bride the Dungeons and Dragons books? The bride and groom were lovely, and had a thankfully short and sweet ceremony in the East, EAST Bay, where it was boiling hot. It was a pretty small wedding, with some yummy cake, and a very pretty venue. We got to catch up with some people we hadn't seen in a while, and congratulated the bride and groom, both of whom looked lovely and very, very happy.

While the groom did not have a bachelor party, Mark and some of his friends decided to have a Scotch-tasting party the night before. They got pretty smashed, and I hadn't seen Mark that drunk since college. :P

I cannot drink Scotch. It burns, although one of the ones they tried did not burn. I'll post up their "tasting notes" when I find it - on one of them I added "smells like urine". Which it did. They drank a lot of Scotch.

It was also a potluck. (No drinking on empty stomachs!) One of Mark's coworkers, brought the best Indian food I have ever tasted. (Not that I go for Indian all that often, but it was pretty amazing.) Home-cooked food is always the best. I made twice-baked potatoes, bruschetta (which is pretty good, I think), and some salad, and other people brought smoked chicken, turkey, duck and some prosciutto and mozzarella. The smoked turkey was very, very tough. I couldn't bite through it, and gave it to Mark. I need to find some different things to cook, although bruschetta right now is very good, since tomatoes are in season.

Towards the end, somebody asked a question - what are your top five favorite movies? This was my answer:

1. 10 Things I Hate About You (I don't care how dated it gets - this is my favorite Shakespeare adaptation, and has Heath Ledger singing!)
2. Ever After: A Cinderella Story (I am a sucker for fairy tales, and especially fairy tales where the heroine is not useless.)
3. Infernal Affairs (This one is the best Hong Kong movie ever - it's like a re-birth of the movie industry with this film. Andy Lau and Tony Leung are amazing, as is all the supporting cast. Ok, I could have lived without Kelly Chen, but that's my own bias.)
4. The Incredibles (I have loved each successive Pixar movie more and more, and it peaked with the Incredibles. I liked Cars, but didn't love it. I loved the attention to detail paid in the movie, and especially how well they knew the tropes of the superhero genre. It was just all-around awesome.)
5. Donnie Darko (I didn't mention this at the party, because I couldn't think of it, until one of the songs on the soundtrack was played at the wedding. But I love this movie, for its little quirks, for introducing me to Jake Gyllenhaal, for the conversation about Smurfs, and the time travel. Love!)

If I took Infernal Affairs out and put those on my Hong Kong movie list, I'd replace it with Ghost Dog. I loved Forest Whitaker's performance, and he pretty much made the movie.

If I made a Hong Kong list, it would be:

1. Infernal Affairs (see above)
2. Police Story III - the Jackie Chan movie with Michelle Yeoh in it, because she gets to do her own stunts, and outshines Jackie Chan. Especially the one where she rides a motorcycle onto a speeding train. Watching the outtakes was pretty painful.
3. Ashes of Time - one of the early Wong Kar-Wai movies. This movie makes no sense, and is full of pretty people pining for loves lost and stolen. After this movie, everyone seemed to steal from it.
4. High Risk - with Jet Li and Jackie Cheung. Admittedly, this is a Wong Jing movie, which means that it's "mo lay tau" - nonsense - and steals blatantly from Die Hard and Speed. But it's one of my favorite Jet Li movies, because it's so funny, and it has some really good fight scenes.
5. Fong Sai Yuk - I love this movie more for Josephine Siao than Jet Li. She's such an amazing and talented comic and serious actress - she pretty much steals the show. She plays Jet Li's mom. One of my favorite things about this movie is how Siao gets herself into a situation where she's in drag and someone falls in love with her. It's hilarious.

Ok, I'm going to sleep. See ya.
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Some salesperson at the Kenneth Cole store in the Stanford Shopping Center recognized me. "Hey, weren't you here a couple of weeks ago? You were wearing an "I love nerds" shirt? That was soo cute!" And then I explained that my boyfriend is a geek and he drops me off there when he decides to go to Fry's. I briefly considered buying something, but realized that the cheapest item in the store was a wallet that was $50 on sale. Then I left.

I found shoes! They are so cute, and not $80, which is really important. While looking up wedding presents to buy for the lovely couple, Mark sent me their wedding registry. They registered at two places: Macy's and Amazon, and had a total of about twenty items, most of which were already purchased. The only things left on the wedding registry to buy were the $96 bread knife, and 3 Dungeons and Dragons books. As of today, those are all purchased. I nearly fell off my chair laughing - they also put a wireless adaptor on their wedding registry. We're getting them something else. I'm pretty sure she's not a D&D player.

I just finished Mixed: My Life in Black and White by Angela Nissel, a consulting producer for my favorite sitcom ever Scrubs. She writes hilariously about growing up black and white in West Philadelphia, and relates some truly funny anecdotes, like her mom telling her that David Hasselhoff is half-black to make her feel better.

While reading this, it's also stirred up some feelings of panic in me. What the hell am I going to tell my kids about who they are? How do I prepare them to deal with their racist relatives? What am I going to do when they don't see themselves reflected, anywhere? What if our kids don't look anything like either one of us?
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I bought a dress yesterday. I need shoes, though. My fault for picking a white dress (with flowers), but I don't want to wear black at a wedding. Instead of shopping more today, though, I'm gonna see Superman Returns.

The musician Momus writes about the similarities between Japan and Germany and how he prefers most of their cultural habits/attitudes/ways of living to the Anglo ones. However, nowhere does he explain their similar tastes in pr0n, which is the one thing that I've always wondered about.

New season of 30 Days July 26th! On July 26th - the first episode is about and is called "Immigration." In the show, a border patroling minuteman (who just so happens to be a legal Cuban immigrant) moves in with an undocumented Mexican family in East Los Angeles. (My first reaction was, a fucking Cuban immigrant decided to be a minuteman? WTF? But after thinking about it, I could totally see it.) Morgan Spurlock's doing one episode where he's in jail for 30 days.

I have to go to work tomorrow. I doubt I'll get anything done, given that half my department decided to take the day off as vacation like normal people. Unfortunately, I'm saving up my PTO for the trip to China (if the tickets ever get bought), and I've just gotten sick too many times this year. (Yes, the only form of time off we have is PTO and no sick days, and I'm still in the process of accrual. Technically. My boss tends to give me whatever days I want off, but I don't want to get her in trouble.)
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