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  1. When I am feeling less lazy/irate I will go into a lot of detail about how much I loathe Bill Maher and hate that so many liberals claim him. Nah, people, he's just a douchebag. Also, Ice Cube may have accepted his apology, but I don't think anyone else has to, as he's demonstrated in the same fucking episode that he doesn't have a clue and still wants to say it just because it'd be really cool to do it but he doesn't want to lose his show over it. 
  2. Also, double standards much? So Bill Maher gets to keep his show but CNN cuts Reza Aslan loose for "incivility"? For basically using a four-letter-word.
  3. This also pisses me off because on the Real Time episode where Bill Maher makes his stupid joke, it was to Ben Sasse of Nebraska, who just wrote a book about "The Vanishing American Adult", which, from the reviews is another "KIDS THESE DAYS JUST HAVE NO CHARACTER BECAUSE THEY DON'T KNOW THE VALUE OF HARD WORK" book, neglecting to mention 1. he's a Republican whose Republican policies have fucked all the kids over, and 2. most of those kids didn't vote for Donald Trump. In the transcript, Bill Maher just totally agrees with Ben Sasse, and bitches about adults celebrating Halloween in costumes. O. The. Horror. Bill Maher also dates women half his age, so maybe he doesn't have total contempt for our generation. That's the true incivility of our times. We have people literally getting murdered for existing, and all these assholes can do is bitch about how we're not nice enough to them.

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