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I've only recently started reading LaineyGossip, and it's been pretty delightful. I am not one of those people who keeps up with all the latest celebs and whatnot, but I really appreciated her breaking down gossip media, which also proves to be an object lesson in reading between the lines on mainstream media as well.

Also appreciated their million posts on the MET Gala, which is one of my favorite fashion events of the year. I love seeing how some of the celebrities are really thoughtful in how they present themselves, and how it's one of the few events in which you are encouraged to be all about ART as fashion, and how worst/best-dressed doesn't apply. The only way to be the "worst" is if you're boring.

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  • Reminder - Bay Bridge to shut down during Labor Day. Just in case you were thinking of actually going somewhere. Last year, it took me nearly two hours to go home to Oakland to see my family. It is normally a 45 minute drive.
  • Trailer for Lust, Caution. Tony Leung Chiu-Wai. Ang Lee. Joan Chen. Love, betrayal, murder, Shanghai! How could you not fall in love with it?
  • Babies eating lemons:

  • My mom gave me another giant zucchini from her garden - it's as long as my entire arm, and about five inches wide. So I am collecting zucchini recipes.
  • Linux - not just for servers anymore - in case anyone is wondering, yes I still love Ubuntu. It works great; that one bug I have that has been identified for over a year, though, still hasn't been fixed. I can use my iPod, write in OpenOffice, which I prefer to MSWord anyway, browse the web, do everything I did in Windows XP except faster! And without the Blue Screen of Death.
  • Uniqlo's fall look book.
Jun. 1st, 2007 11:49 pm


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I enjoy reading SFist because it tells me stuff like 880 commute sucks the most - and why does it suck? People really don't know how to merge on very well. Also, the MacArthur Maze. Fucking death trap.

From Global Voices - pictures of Tai Hu, a freshwater lake in China that is pretty polluted. We went there on our tour, and I guess we got to see the non-polluted side. It sucks, because it's a gorgeous site.

NotCouture - new fashion blog. Drool over pretty things.

I totally WISH I could see this: Damon Albarn of Gorillaz fame collaborates with Chen Shi-Zheng to create a new version of the Monkey King. Animation, too!
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My mind keeps blanking out on me when I want to write about anything. So here's a bullet list:

  • Work is better. I am still annoyed by some aspects, but overall I think my performance is finally better and I am no longer freaking out.
  • Whenever I drive to San Francisco, I think it is trying to kill me. God, with the signs that are blocked by giant SUVs, and the nonsensical city planning, how does anyone get around and find things?
  • The Internet is so weird. I cannot get enough of Icanhascheezburger.
  • I cannot figure out how people walk around in heels. I bought some very nice shoes - they're about two and a half inches high, and I wore them out today, and I kept stumbling.
  • I love KCRW, especially their podcasts. (If you live in Los Angeles and listen to them, I think they have decent giveaways, too.) I like to listen to them while I cook; it's really relaxing. The ones I recommend the most are Good Food and The Treatment. Good Food is about, duh, good food. The Treatment interviews various people in Hollywood. I like that they not only interview mainstream people like Quentin Tarantino and Chris Rock, they also cover indie people and documentary makers, like Rory Kennedy who did Ghosts of Abu Ghraib.
Feb. 12th, 2007 07:47 pm


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(I love the picture of the designers at the end. They look like lumberjacks! So cute.)
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The lining of my most expensive purse (which was, about what, $50?) just ripped. I only bought it at the beginning of the year. No, I didn't use it every day - most of the time I've been using my various canvas tote bags anyway. I'd been trying to use it more because I wanted to look more professional at work. Do I need to suck it up and spend $300 on a designer purse that'll last at least a year?
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Marc Jacobs Quilted Leather Kim Bag.

Why? Because it's named after ME!

I ain't paying for it, though.

It was duly noted that the Civil Administrative Department in China will investigate and penalize anyone who offers to burn paper figures that represent items such as villas, sedans, mistresses, Viagra, condoms, 3P girls and Super Girls for their ancestors during the traditional Qingming festival. This item taken from Virtual China. First of all, I had no idea you could burn paper condoms and mistresses for QingMing. Second of all, it makes my cousin's joking about burning some security guards for my aunt along with all the money we give her that much funnier. Third, does anyone know what the hell "3P girls" and a "Super Girls" are?

Also from Virtual China - Beijing's Tongzhou District recently established an internal database of local bribery records, Beijing Star Daily reports. I *totally* think we could use one here.

My sister saw Andy Lau at the Asian Film Festival (yes I know it has a longer name; I'm tired). I am SOOO JEALOUS. She said he was really nice and his English was pretty decent. Someone asked him how he felt about America doing the remake of Infernal Affairs and he said very diplomatically that it's a good opportunity for Hong Kong films to get more exposure. He only stayed here three days, and on one of them he went bowling. He is the nicest guy.
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I have been fashion-obsessed for the past few days. I have no idea why. Maybe it was the sale at Express.

Blogging Project Runway has a cute April Fool's joke.

Torrid interviews Andrae. I love Andrae.

Nick Verreos on people trying out for Season 3.

Diana Eng's blog - we are planning to go see her at the Maker Faire, where she and her friend Emily Albinski will be having a fashion show. It should be interesting. I'm hoping she brings her self-inflating dress.

This is way too early to be going WTF DUMBASSES? But the fashion industry wants to copyright their clothes. 1. How exactly are they going to enforce this? 2. Copying is the bread and butter of the fashion industry! Are they going to pay back people from the seventies for turning bell-bottoms into "flared pants"? Are they going to pay people in China for stealing Mandarin collars? Really WTF DUMBASSES? And fuck Deborah Wilcox, who thinks the fashion industry may have a case: "You don't need to clothe yourself just for warmth. This is one area that has stood out that has not had protection that seems close to other areas that do have protection." Fuck you if most of us don't want to pay 2 months' rent for a dress. How much are these designers paying their workers anyway? Not much, I bet.

Eh, to take my mind off the stupidity, I offer you these food blogs:
TacoHunt blog Burrito Blog Burritophile

Mark's rules for a good Mexican eatery? 1. Questionable cooking practices. (This one applies to Chinese restaurants, too.) 2. Christmas lights.
Jan. 22nd, 2006 05:48 pm


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Anyone for a Firefly Season 2?

Is it worth paying $117 for one of these hobo bags? For some reason, I just really want one right now, and everything I've seen in regular department stores is too big, too small, gaudy, ugly, and expensive. (And my $6 cute flower purse is deteriorating.) So far, these fit my criteria - simple, but not plain, and will carry my wallet, phone, and maybe my journal. Except for the price part - I was hoping I could spend less than $50.

I got a longish email from Mark today because I sent him a link to some Battlestar Galactica commentary. You have no idea how much this surprised me, because normally, when I send him links or random emails, he doesn't respond; we just talk about it in person later. Anyway, he tells me that Battlestar Galactica is among one of the best science fiction shows today so go WATCH IT NOW! I added that last bit.

This weekend, people are coming to me with relationship problems. I think it's a sign that people are getting anxious about Valentine's Day. As Shakespeare wrote, "The course of true love never did run smooth."

2005 seemed to be the year of angry, violent sex in Hollywood. The first sex scene in Brokeback Mountain was really disorienting. I almost didn't buy it. Other places with Angry Sex - Mr. and Mrs. Smith, A History of Violence, and last week's Scrubs in which Turk declares, "Angry sex is awesome!" What's up with that? And yes, I know it's only 3 movies I mention out of like, 100, but I still think it's weird.
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Le Train Bleu sells a bunch of new, independent designers' clothing. For your and my benefit, I'm gonna list the people that have stuff on sale:

Bi La Li - Still too expensive for me.

Christopher Deane Too expensive.

C Ronson - the best deals here - everything is around $10-$12. I am sooo buying the rainbow mini and the top that doubles as a skirt.

Ella Moss I covet the Malibu Dress, Skirt, Velvet Skirt, and Willa Cowl Neck Top. Prices are reasonable, about what you'd pay for a nice Express top.

Maggie by Zakee Shariff double sleeve fleece shirt features silver star print and silver snaps at sides. Only 1 shirt.
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