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Hey if you live in Los Angeles, please take a minute and submit your thoughts on LAP D's Video Policy Survey.

There's a policy fact sheet you can peruse, but honestly, I felt pretty strongly already about it anyway.

Feb. 14th, 2010 09:42 am


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Tina Fey


Massive Attack:

Mark Twain: "You're an idiot of the 3rd degree."

Craig Ferguson: "It's a great day for America, everybody!"

Los Angeles & Los Angeles writers:

Helen Keller:

Jorge Luis Borges

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This LAist post on "Why does everyone hate hipsters?" and Stuff White People Like pretty much sums Silverlake up for me right now.

I find this whole hipster-hatred thing amusing. Do people really get worked up over whether someone's dyed hair actually "means something"? It is also amusing because among my friends, we all kind of secretly want to be hipsters who are into the cool little indie bands, the ironic t-shirts and also have ginormous trust funds. Maybe it's really the ginormous trust fund part we want.

We went to the Super King Market yesterday - no sign of hipsters anywhere - just a good old-fashioned supermarket catering to mostly Middle Easterners and Latinos. (They had Mexican Coke! Jackpot!) It was huge! And there were so many good deals - 3 pounds of oranges for 99 cents! They looked good, too. The Persian cucumbers for under a dollar a pound! Giant cans of pickled things! It was all so good. I think we will make it our regular grocery store for now. However, if you go there I would stay out of the seafood section. It was kind of gross - the fish were actually graying. They had a sizable deli and even a Hawaiian BBQ counter.

The next thing I need to find is an authentic Asian supermarket nearby that has a live seafood tank in the back.
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My mind keeps blanking out on me when I want to write about anything. So here's a bullet list:

  • Work is better. I am still annoyed by some aspects, but overall I think my performance is finally better and I am no longer freaking out.
  • Whenever I drive to San Francisco, I think it is trying to kill me. God, with the signs that are blocked by giant SUVs, and the nonsensical city planning, how does anyone get around and find things?
  • The Internet is so weird. I cannot get enough of Icanhascheezburger.
  • I cannot figure out how people walk around in heels. I bought some very nice shoes - they're about two and a half inches high, and I wore them out today, and I kept stumbling.
  • I love KCRW, especially their podcasts. (If you live in Los Angeles and listen to them, I think they have decent giveaways, too.) I like to listen to them while I cook; it's really relaxing. The ones I recommend the most are Good Food and The Treatment. Good Food is about, duh, good food. The Treatment interviews various people in Hollywood. I like that they not only interview mainstream people like Quentin Tarantino and Chris Rock, they also cover indie people and documentary makers, like Rory Kennedy who did Ghosts of Abu Ghraib.
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I love the extra hour we gain in the fall. It means I actually wake up not grumpy for a few days. Anyway, I have today off!

We went to Park's BBQ, and almost everyone made it. The staff was pretty nice (be warned the receipts are in Korean so maybe next time we might do separate checks), and the kids liked the food, too. It was a lot of fun, delicious, and everyone bonded over the awesomeness that is Battlestar Galactica. I know, I know, we're such dorks.

Afterwards, we visited with Mark's aunt and uncle. If there's one conversation you can't get away from in California, it's real estate. So there was a lot of discussion of that over the weekend - we even checked out a couple of open houses around his parents' area, and then briefly considered moving down there again. It's not like Los Angeles is even remotely affordable for the average person, but at least you'll feel less ripped off. We saw a house with a gorgeous view, a pool, large rooms, decent kitchen, about forty years old - $850,000. (Supposedly real estate in Los Angeles is totally taking a beating - many of the signs we saw had "reduced price" on them.) $850,000 in the Bay Area is what you get for a shitty tiny two bedroom, one bath, no view, no pool, barely a backyard, that hasn't even been remodeled or updated in the past forty years since it's been built. $850k is a fixer-upper. *sigh* In San Francisco it might buy you a two-bedroom condo.

I don't know. I really, really want to stay in the Bay Area. Eventually I'd like to own a home. With a yard. But it's not going to happen as soon as I'd like it to.

I also got to play around with Mark's cousin, little Anthony, kindergartener, owner of inch-long lashes. He had a best friend, named Zack, who was around his age, who was also really cute. I ran around chasing them, and then when I took a break to talk to Mark's aunt, they came up and asked me, "Can you come and get us?" It was a fun weekend overall.
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We are having Korean BBQ in downtown LA today. Mark reports that they have kim chee soup, something he's been hankering after forever.

Sometimes I think I love Los Angeles, and other times I don't think I can stand it. Can't stand the heat, can't stand the girls dressed to go clubbing shopping at the mall, the designer purses, and the fact that in the Valley there is no place to go chill except at a mall, can't stand the fucking traffic, the shallowness. It makes me sad.

But then there is the fact that there is the beach, there is stuff like the best Korean BBQ ever, and Monterey Park and cheap dim sum and Book Off! and Sawtelle Avenue and Mulholland Drive, that makes everything worth it. And there is nature around here, even if you have to drive a bit to find it.

Mark's parents took us to this place called Lawry's last night. It is almost exactly like House of Prime Rib, except with more options. And a dish that had the prime rib and lobster tails. It was pretty good, but frankly I preferred House of Prime Rib. :P

Mark's brother joked with me that since I'm with Mark, of course I have to like red meat.
Jun. 25th, 2006 09:47 am


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While watching Ebert and Roeper review The Road to Guantanamo I made a prediction that Roeper would make some asinine comment about how imbalanced the movie was or some stupid shit like that. And lo and behold, as soon as Ebert finished giving his positive review along with his opinion about how appalling it was that shit like that was happening in the US of A, Roeper interjects with "Well, I don't know that we know exactly what's going on down there, but for these three people it's really messed up."

Fuck you, Roeper.

Did you know that actor Sung Kang owns his own restaurant in L.A.? It's supposed to be pretty good, at least according to that site. Hmmm...we will have to check it out and maybe I will get to see my favorite BLT alum in person.

Does anyone know or care about the current LiveJournal controversies as of late? The breastfeeding icon one I thought was stupid, I thought people were making way too big a deal out of the voluntary ads, but I'm annoyed that every time I log into LJ I get that stupid reminder that I "could get more stuff with ads!", the whole Vox thing is confusing me, and I'm starting to wonder why SixApart can't just integrate all the services into one place, because I seriously do not want to sign on to another social network. I have enough accounts as it is, and in fact I'm thinking about deleting my myspace and possibly my delicious accounts. LibraryThing is staying - I might actually pay up for the lifetime account.
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