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Jan. 27th, 2017

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Don't Breathe

I don't normally watch scary movies, and I was only able to watch this one while also surfing the Internet. This movie is pretty sparse, and tight. It's about three young burglars in Detroit with not much of a future for them deciding to rob an Iraq war veteran who lives alone in an abandoned neighborhood and get more than they bargained for. I kind of question them casting three white kids in a movie set in in poverty-stricken Detroit, but whatever. Anyway, the main actress is pretty phenomenal. There's not much dialog, but what little she does say has a sort of weight to it. I wish horror/thriller movies would try to figure out a way to not make their characters do stupid things, like JUST FUCKING LEAVE AND DON'T LOOK BACK or MAKE SURE THE GUY IS DEAD before you leave, but otherwise it was pretty good.

Hidden Figures

I LOVE THIS MOVIE. EVERYBODY GO SEE THIS MOVIE. I totally bought the book after watching this with my husband. I love it for so many reasons: three smart black women, just doing what they do, "there's more than one way to fight", the camaraderie, the eloquent way they portrayed both macro and micro aggressions, their relationships with the men in their lives - not letting them get away with sexism and also, the men just do the chores WITH the women, and also, Octavia Spencer's character not letting Kirsten Dunst's character off the hook in the end. Seriously, this movie is good in so many ways. 

The only thing I wasn't too crazy about was Kevin Costner's character. 
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